Accreditation and Affiliates

Franchise Networks

Over the years Press Commercial Bodyworks have gained recognition from many major franchised networks, including DAF, Volvo and Mercedes Benz.

Warranty work

Press Commercial Bodyworks are authorized to carry out warranty work for Chereau, Schmitz Cargobull, SDC and SOR, working closely with many others in order to ensure our mutual customers receive a first class service.

Insurers / Accident Management Companies

Press Commercial Bodyworks are recommended by Aviva and Zurich Insurance (the only two insurers who operate in-house HGV Recommended Repairer schemes). We are also recommended by leading Accident Management companies such as Sopp & Sopp, CVL, Innovation and NARG


As members of the PPG Fleetwatch Network and the Akzo Nobel, Acoat network, all work carries not only a Press Commercial Bodyworks guarantee of workmanship, but also a guarantee from the manufacturer.